Feasibility studies and historical consulting

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„From history, we do not learn what we should do. But we can learn from it what we have to keep in mind. That is infinitely important.“
(Richard von Weizsäcker)

What is a pre-study good for?

Not all enterprises that wish to get to know their own history better maintain an archive of their own with a professional archivist, or have a good survey of available records. For that reason, the beginning of a study is a path with many unknown forks and turns.
Therefore, a concept for a historical study that relies purely on theoretical considerations might turn out to be extremely volatile. It might well be that neither the concept would survive contact with empirical findings from historical sources, nor is it possible to plan further steps without better knowing the quantity and quality of sources and the consequences for what can be learned from the material. It would only be possible to make the roughest estimate of the required effort for analysing source material, necessary qualifications of authors, and overall costs. All in all, without a pre-study, there is no good basis for planning and proposals.
Therefore we prefer to make a thorough survey of the available sources as a first step, and – if possible – to get hold of most documents in advance. On this basis, we can state precisely what would be feasible; propose concepts, volumes, and authors; and, of course, inform you precisely about what costs to expect.

Current studies:

Geschichte der Firma Seidensticker
Autor: PD Dr. Roman Köster
Sartorius in der NS-Zeit
Vorrecherche (2019)/Geschichte (2020). Autor: Dr. Manfred Grieger.
Vorrecherche LVM
Vorrecherche zur Geschichte der LVM (2019).

Finished studies and consulting:

100 Jahre BDI
Geschichte (2019). Autoren: Prof. Dr. Johannes Bähr/Prof. Dr. Christopher Kopper.
140 Jahre Engelhard Arzneimittel
Bearbeiterin: Johanna Rumpeltes (2012)
75 Jahre Taunus Zimmer Textildruck GmbH & Co. KG
Autor: PD Dr. Roman Köster
B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. KGaA
Die Rolle Kurt Hamanns in der NS-Zeit
Vorrecherche (2018)
Douglas Holding AG
Historischer Entwurf zur Geschichte des Unternehmens (1999)
Autor: Kilian Steiner
Georg Karg (Hertie Stiftung)
Geschichte der adidas AG
Autoren: Prof. Dr. Christian Kleinschmidt/Dr. Rainer Karlsch/Dr. Jörg Lesczenski/Dr. Anne Sudrow
History of the Madsack family
History of Beiersdorf
Employee: Michael Bermejo-Wenzel
Geschichte der Frühphasen der Unternehmensfinanzierung durch Privatinvestoren (Business Angels)
Geschichte des ZVEI in der NS-Zeit
Autor: Prof. Dr. Johannes Bähr
KPMG – Pre-study and archive
Munich Re
Corporate Museum Kurtz Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Neu-Auflage 100-Prozent Messer
Ergänzung der Studie. Geschichte (2018/2019). Autor: Dr. Jörg Lesczenski.
Optische Werke G. Rodenstock 1933-1945
Vorrecherche (2018)
Robert Bosch GmbH
Veba AG und Viag AG im Nationalsozialismus
Recherche: Michael Bermejo-Wenzel
Autor: Manfred Pohl
Vorrecherche Pflanzen Kölle