Borgers Villa Nordallee 14 um 1930
Verwendung des Bildes mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Johann Borgers GmbH

Public lecture events

Participants from the academic world,business, politics, and media lecture on current topics and their historical context.

Calender of events


3. Symposium der GUG und des WIFU

Thema: «Der persönlich haftende Gesellschafter: ein Erfolgsfaktor für langlebige Familienunterneh...

Academic Symposium

The GUG‘s academic symposiums on selected topics provide fresh impulses for historical research. They aim to identify research desiderata, and offers the space necessary for the discussion of current academic concerns.

Study groups

For the support of academic discourse, the GUG organizes various study groups with an international membership. Their participants are renowned university professors, young scholars, and archivists.