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Once a year, GUG e. V. organizes a public conference. Renowned scholars, politi-cians, and entrepreneurs are invited to discuss current topics and their historical context. Every year, a different enterprise hosts the conference. Our last host in 2018 was the TRUMPF GmbH & Co KG from Ditzingen.

«Enterprises and Human Rights»

43nd Public Conference on 24th March 2020 at Ed. Züblin AG in Stuttgart

More information about the program and venue will follow shortly.

Weitere Informationen zum Programm werden in Kürze hier bekannt gegeben.

Review: Lecture Event 2019

The 42. public conference of the Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte e.V. took place on 7 March 2019 at the SAP AG in Walldorf. Under the heading «Unternehmen 4.0 – Hoffnung oder Horror?» the vision’s opportunities and challenges were discussed. Key issue was the question of the future of work and the human’s future role in different fields of work. Discourses of the past were presented as well as current research results. With regard to the implementation of the Industry 4.0 in today’s enterprises the discrepancy between the available potential and the actual use in practice was pointed out. The lectures and the discussion made clear that many enterprises are careful with the implementation of the new opportunities and that a lot of questions are still left open. Moreover the topic data and its utilization was discussed.

The program and the complete conference report is available in the PDF format from the download area below.


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Programme and conference report

42. Öffentliche Vortragsveranstaltung
am 7. März 2019 in Walldorf
«Unternehmen 4.0»


Programm und Tagungsbericht

41st public conference
15 March 2018 in Ditzingen:
«Charisma: risk factor or guarantee for success?» /«Charisma: Risikofaktor oder Erfolgsgarantie?»


Programme and conference report

40th public conference
16 March 2017 in Munich:
«Risk: Politics?» / «Risiko: Politik?»


Programme and conference report

Programme and conference report
39th public conference
17. March 2016 in Duisburg:
«Pax Britannica, Pax Americana, Pax Sinica? Structural changes of the world economy and the situation of enterprises» / «Pax Britannica, Pax Americana, Pax Sinica? Der Strukturwandel der Weltwirtschaft und die Lage der Unternehmen»


Conference report

38th public conference
19 March 2015 in Cologne:
The struggle for resources – the relevance of energy prices for German enterprises / Kampf um die Ressourcen – Relevanz der Energiepreise für deutsche Unternehmen


Conference report

37 th public conference and yearly meeting of the Business History Conference
13-15 March 2014 in Frankfurt a. M.:
The Vices and Virtues of Business - a historical perspective


Conference report

36th public conference
14 March 2013 in Leverkusen:
From corporate welfare policies to corporate citizenship /
Von der Betrieblichen Sozialpolitik zur Corporate Citizenship


Conference report

35th public conference
15 March 2012 in Munich:
20 years after Maastricht: the European crisis and the world economy’s strucural change / 20 Jahre nach Maastricht: die europäische Krise
und der Strukturwandel der Weltwirtschaft


Conference report

34th public conference
16 March 2011 in Stuttgart:
Europeanization of co-determination / Europäisierung der Mitbestimmung



33rd public conference
11 March 2010 in Munich:
Economic crises – the finest hour of entrepreneurs? / Wirtschaftskrisen – Stunden des Unternehmers?



32nd public conference
12 March 2009 in Berlin:
The fall of the Berlin Wall and German enterprises: 1989 - cesura or continuity? / Der Mauerfall und die deutschen Unternehmen. 1989 - Zäsur oder Kontinuität?



31st public conference
13 March 2008 in Wolfsburg:
The future of mobility. Cars and energy consumption as a technological and eco-logical problem / Zukunft der Mobilität. Auto und Energienutzung
als technisch-ökonomisches Problem



30th public conference
8 March 2007 in Essen:
Enterprises in China / Unternehmen in China


Programm und Tagungsbericht

29 th public conference
23 March 2006 in Wiesbaden:
Women in economic leadership positions



28 th public conference
7 March 2005 in Berlin:
The entrepreneur’s responsibility / Die Verantwortung des Unternehmers



27th public conference
27 April 2004 in Freyburg an der Unstrut:
Self-employment: between model for success and phenomenon of crisis / Selbständigkeit zwischen Erfolgsmodell und Krisenphänomen



26th public conference
5 Myi 2003 in Berlin:
1968 and the German Enterprises / 1968 und die deutschen Unternehmen



25th public conference
29 April 2002 in Berlin:
Corporate cultures – Germany and the USA in comparison / Unternehmenskulturen - Deutschland und USA im Vergleich



24th public conference
5 April 2001 in Frankfurt am Main:


23rd public conference
6 April 2000 in Berlin:
German entrepreneurs in the world. From Internationalisation to Globalization / Deutsche Unternehmer in der Welt. Von der Internationalisierung zur Globalisierung


22nd public conference
21 April 1999 in Cologne:
Succession of entrepreneurs – a never-ending story / Unternehmernachfolge - eine unendliche Geschichte


21st public conference
23 April 1998 in Frankfurt am Main:
The readiness of banks to take risks with new company foundations / Risikobereit-schaft der Banken bei Unternehmensneugründungen


Commemorative lecture
17 November 1997 in Cologne:
Prof. Gerald D. Feldman: politics and enterprises during the Weimar Republic / Poli-tik und Unternehmen in der Weimarer Republik


21st public conference
29 February 1996 in Frankfurt am Main:
Privatization - Municipalization / Privatisierung – Kommunalisierung


20th public conference
13 February 1995 in Cologne:
The road and its changes through the centuries – social significance and techno-logical innovation / Die Straße im Wandel der Jahrhunderte - gesellschaftliche Be-deutung und technische Innovation


19th public conference
30 May 1994 in Waiblingen:
Selection of locations and location politics of German enterprises / Standortwahl und -politik deutscher Unternehmen


18th public conference:
Corporate culture and history / Unternehmenskultur und Geschichte


17th public conference
26 May 1992 in Frankfurt am Main:
Entreprenerus and political responsibility / Unternehmer und politische Verantwortung


16th public conference
15 May 1991 in Mannheim:
Industry and the environment / Industrie und Umwelt


15th public conference:
Family enterprises in economy and society from the 19th century to the present / Familienunternehmen in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft vom 19. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart


14th public conference:
Businessmen’s associations – partners of politics or pressure groups? / Wirtschaftsverbände - Partner der Politik oder Pressure Groups?


13th public conference:
Structural developments in German economic regions / Strukturentwicklung in deutschen Wirtschaftsregionen


12th public conference
22 May 1987 in Bonn:
Public enterprises. Yesterday – today – tomorrow / Gemeinwirtschaftliche Un-ternehmen. Gestern - Heute - Morgen


11th public conference
10 June 1986 in Munich:
Mittelstand and labour market. Are medium-sized companies the solution to the employment problems of the German economy? / Mittelstand und Arbeitsmarkt. Löst der Mittelstand die Beschäftigungsprobleme der deutschen Wirtschaft?


10th public conference
26 June 1985 in Frankfurt am Main:
The origins and development of Social Market Economy


9th public conference
18 May 1984 in Düsseldorf:
Protectionism. Progress or regress?

Academic conference of the GUG and the Association for scholarly research on entrepreneurs’ biography and business history
11 October 1984 in Vienna:
Enterprises and the state after the Second Wolrd War. A German-Austrian compari-son.


8th public conference
25 May 1983 in Cologne:
Integration of foreign employees


7th public conference
25 June 1982 in Munich:
Legitimation of management and ist change. On the discussion about function and tasks of business leaders during the last 150 years


6th public conference
13 May 1981 in Fürth:
Sales strategies of German enterprises. Yesterday – today - tomorrow


5th public conference
7 Mai 1980 in Düsseldorf:
Co-determination. Origins and development


4th public conference/German-Japanese Symposion at the Siemens Training Cen-tre in Berlin,
20-23 March:
Innovation, Know How, Rationalization and Investment in German and Japanese Economics 1868/1871 - 1930/1980


3rd public conference
31 May in Frankfurt am Main:
Foundations and enterprises. Experiences and future perspectives


2nd public conference
28 June 1977 in Cologne:
Concentration in the German economy since the 19th century


First public conference:
The entrepreneur in past and present / Der Unternehmer in Geschichte und Ge-genwart