The GUG’s objectives

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The GUG is an institution for the promotion of exchange between scholars, partner of enterprises, and contact between scholarship and business.
Institution for the promotion of exchange between scholars:
The GUG provides all interested academics with a forum for scientific exchange, primarily by organizing lecture events
, symposia
and study groups

Partner of enterprises:
The GUG assists enterprises in all matters regarding research, communication, and presentation of their history. It provides expertise in building up company archives in co-operation with the Association of German Business Archivists (Vereinigung der deutschen Wirtschaftsarchivare e.V., vdw), and supports the research, documentation, and publication of business histories.
Contact between scholarship and business:
Business history research is a process of gaining new insights that depends on the participation and support of a broad spectrum of enterprises and scholars. Accordingly, the GUG understands itself as a network that promotes the dialogue between enterprises and scholars. Through this network, enterprises can introduce new questions into academic debate.