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Public events: Once a year, the GUG organizes a public lecture event in cooperation with a partner company. Participants from academia, economy, politics and the media speak out on current issues, the historical aspects of which are also illuminated. The topics that have been discussed to this date include e.g. «Corporate Succession», «Corporate Culture», «Self-Employment as a Model for Success or a Phenomenon of Crisis?», «The Responsibility of the Entrepreneur», «Women in Executive Positions in the Economy», «Corporations in China», and «The Future of Mobility». The event of 2009 was dedicated to the topic: «German firms and the fall of the Berlin Wall. 1989 – break or continuity?» and this year's event dealt with the question if German co-determination may serve as as model for European industrial relations.

Scientific symposia: By means of scientific symposia on selected topics, the GUG creates impulses for historical research. GUG aims at revealing gaps within research, and at providing the necessary space for the discussion of current concerns. In the past years, topics like «Innovation in Banking», «Economic Elites of the 20th Century – Continuity and Mentality», «Corporations and Old Age Provision», «Markets of Knowledge within Corporations», «Corporate Networks: A Historical Form of Organization with Future?», «Enterprises and Art» or «Privatization and Nationalization» were addressed. In 2011 the scientific symposium dealt with «Immigrant Entrepreneurship». The symposium of 2012 will deal with the «Internationalization of Management after 1945».

Research groups: In order to promote scientific discourse, the GUG organizes several internationally constituted research groups. Their members are renowned university professors, junior researchers and archivists. Discussions and publications constantly pose new questions, which provide impulses for further scientific interchange. The current research groups deal with banking and insurance history, the history of small and medium-sized companies, the transformation history of East-German enterprises, the media enterprises and marketing history.
EBHA-Conference 2005 Source: GUG

EBHA-Conference 2005 Source: GUG